PNG LNG Project Opens Major Training Facility in Papua New Guinea

Esso Highlands Limited, a subsidiary of Exxon Mobil Corporation and operator of the PNG LNG Project, recently opened its Port Moresby Construction Training Facility.


PNG LNG Project Opens Major Training Facility in Papua New Guinea

The Project is investing 150 million Kina in training services and capital costs to train up to 4,000 Papua New Guinean workers for employment during the four-year construction phase of the Project.

Peter Graham, managing director of Esso Highlands Limited, said, “The opening of this training facility is an important milestone for the PNG LNG Project. The men and women who are trained here will play a vital role in the construction of the LNG Plant and associated marine facilities. Their training will be certified to international industry standards. The skills the graduates acquire will enable them to compete for employment opportunities beyond the construction period of this Project.”

Minister for Higher Education Michael Ogio, representing the Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare, presided over the ceremony attended by Papua New Guinea government ministers and other officials.

Esso Highlands and its coventurers in the PNG LNG Project have shown confidence in our nation. The training facility and the expertise developed will create long-term value for Papua New Guinea as we grow our skilled work force.

Minister Ogio

The Port Moresby Construction Training Facility exemplifies the Project’s commitment to develop a skilled national workforce. Papua New Guineans will be trained for jobs in construction, transport services and LNG plant maintenance. Graduates will be employed by a LNG plant site landowner company, LABA, and will work under the direction of the Chiyoda – JGC Joint Venture contractor, which is responsible for constructing the LNG facilities some 20 kilometers outside Port Moresby.

SkillsTech Australia is responsible for coordination of the Port Moresby Construction Training facility, and all training conforms to international qualification frameworks. The training team includes 16 Papua New Guineans who have earned instructor certification.

Upon completion of the project in 2014, the PNG LNG Project will donate the Port Moresby Construction Training facility to the PNG Government and it will become part of Port Moresby Technical College.

The center is one of three training facilities planned. In 2009, the Project opened the Production Operations Training Centre in Port Moresby to begin training technicians to operate the PNG LNG Project facilities. A class of 75 men and women are currently receiving instruction.

The Project is also building a training facility in the Highlands to prepare Papua New Guinean workers for construction of the Hides Gas Conditioning Plant, expected to open later in 2011.

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