The Mobil brand in Russia is addressing COVID-19 response

The Mobil brand is providing input in response efforts to help manage the effects of the pandemic. Several medical institutions in Moscow, which have been reassigned to provide medical care to patient’s suspected with coronavirus infection COVID-19, have received disposable personal protective equipment and much more.


The Mobil brand in Russia is addressing COVID-19 response

The Mobil lubricants team is committed to support medical officers working in Moscow polyclinics, where the number of patients with COVID-19 is rapidly growing every day.

Since the beginning of April, Moscow city authorities have mobilized their medical facilities in response to COVID-19. Some federal medical centers under the Ministry of Health have been temporarily reassigned to treat patients with coronavirus COVID-19. City Polyclinics № 5, №69 and № 170, Federal Research and Clinical Center FMBA of Russia and Bakulev National Medical Research Center for Cardiovascular Surgery are among them.

The Mobil brand team decided to support such medical facilities, which, due to rapid development of events, are particularly lacking supplies of disposable protective masks, head covers and medical gowns along with other necessary daily consumable materials.

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The Mobil team has delivered 30 000 disposable personal protective masks to medical facilities in Moscow to support medical personnel working there. Additionally, other necessary consumable materials have been purchased, including 10 000 disposable head covers, 1 000 protective gowns and 1 000 medical overboots.

Coffee machines and a number of other electronic devices as well as coffee, tea, sweets and much more have been purchased to additionally support medical personnel.

I am very proud of the professionalism and enthusiasm of all team members who were involved in the project aimed at COVID-19 response implemented in Russia. Acting coherently, we managed to provide our timely support  to protect the community and our customers. This, in my opinion, is the essence of the phrase: "We are ExxonMobil."
Joerg Weller
Joerg Weller

Director General of Mobil Oil Lubricants LLC Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Georgia Cluster Manager

Delivery of disinfectants to Mobil 1 Centers across Russia is planned to ensure the safety of customers and workforce. “We have planned to supply disinfectants and branded dispensers to Mobil 1 Center network service stations and a number of retail stores to help our partners manage consumer safety. We will inform consumers about all the safety measures taken by us and our partners to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus infection”, Joerg Weller comments.

The said measures are a particular example of all the efforts aimed at pandemic response that Exxon Mobil Corporation is taking worldwide.

In the present unprecedented environment, any help and support matters. Today, like never before, collaboration is important. ExxonMobil team is operating smoothly in all areas: ensuring the safety of customers and company employees, supporting the healthcare system and related institutions, as well as the society in general. You can learn more about the measures the company undertakes by visiting our website “The support of medical officers who are fighting for our health and the well-being of our relatives is especially important; we are very grateful for their dedicated, heroic efforts”, Joerg Weller added.

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