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Carbon capture and storage (CCS)

ExxonMobil is the leader in carbon capture, with current carbon capture capacity totaling about 9 million tonnes per year.

On Feb. 1, 2021, ExxonMobil announced the creation of a new business  – ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions – to commercialize and deploy emission-reduction technologies. It will initially focus on carbon capture and storage, one of the critical technologies required to achieve net zero emissions and the climate goals outlined in the Paris Agreement.

CCS Development

Reducing emissions with carbon capture

CCS is the process of capturing CO2 that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere from industrial activity, and injecting it into deep geologic formations for safe, secure and permanent storage. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the International Energy Agency agree that CCS is one of the most important low-carbon technologies required to achieve societal climate goals at the lowest cost. CCS is also one of the only technologies that could enable some industry sectors to decarbonize, including the refining, chemicals, cement and steel sectors.

ExxonMobil has more than 30 years of experience in CCS technology and was the first company to capture more than 120 million tonnes of CO2, which is equivalent to the emissions of more than 25 million cars for one year. The company has an equity share in about one-fifth of global CO2 capture capacity and has captured approximately 40 percent of all the captured anthropogenic CO2 in the world.

ExxonMobil’s newly announced Low Carbon Solutions business is advancing plans for more than 20 new carbon capture and storage opportunities around the world to enable large-scale emission reductions.

Infographic: A quick look at ExxonMobil’s CCS leadership
With our demonstrated leadership in carbon capture and emissions reduction technologies, ExxonMobil is committed to meeting the demand for affordable energy while reducing emissions and managing the risks of climate change.
Darren W. Woods

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


ExxonMobil was the first company to capture more than 120 million tonnes of CO2, equivalent to the annual emissions of more than 25 million cars.

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