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Local development and supply chain management


Local content — the added economic and social value created by direct and indirect employment of local people through activities of the oil and gas industry — provides value to ExxonMobil and to communities.

We aim to develop mutually beneficial relationships with local businesses throughout our supply chain.

It is critical that ExxonMobil be a valued contributor to the Guyanese economy and trusted member of the community. Helping establish ExxonMobil as a responsible partner and supporting capacity building of Guyanese suppliers for decades to come are important priorities as we continue our work.
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Rod Henson Lead country manager, ExxonMobil Guyana

$20 billion in planned investments over a 10-year period to expand ExxonMobil’s manufacturing capacity along the U.S. Gulf Coast

~$186 million spent with women-owned and indigenous-owned businesses outside the U.S. in 2017

>100,000 worldwide suppliers of goods and services worked with ExxonMobil in 2017

>$1.9 billion spent with diverse suppliers in the United States in 2017