Attracting and retaining an engaged workforce

The success of our business is directly tied to the efforts of our employees. We strive to foster innovation and progress across our operations by helping our employees reach their full potential.


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Attracting and retaining an engaged workforce

Employee benefits and programs

By offering comprehensive benefits, we can attract, retain and reward the most qualified employees. We consider our benefits programs to be an integral part of a total remuneration package designed to support our long-term business objectives. Our goal is to be mindful of our employees’ needs throughout their careers and into retirement.

Ensuring access to affordable health care helps employees effectively manage health care issues and reduces related financial concerns. Defined benefit pension obligations are fully supported by the financial strength of ExxonMobil or the respective sponsoring affiliate. Our funding levels of qualified pension plans comply with applicable laws and regulations.  

ExxonMobil offers a variety of workplace flexibility programs to maintain engagement and maximize productivity by addressing individual employee needs. Examples of workplace flexibility programs include adaptable workplace arrangements, modified workweek, part-time employment and adjustable work hours. 

Performance and initiatives 

Bringing a child into a family is an important life event and ExxonMobil wants to assist our employees through this experience. In 2017, we introduced the U.S. parental paid-time-off program, a new workplace flexibility program that provides eight weeks of paid time off for mothers and fathers after the birth or adoption of a child. These eight weeks may be taken continuously or in one-week increments and must be used within 12 months from the birth or adoption date. This time is in addition to existing company programs and short-term disability provisions. With the addition of parental paid time off, our workplace flexibility programs continue to strengthen employee engagement.

ExxonMobil uses a technology platform called CareerConnect to help both employees and supervisors manage career goals and professional development. CareerConnect allows employees to maintain a profile with career and mobility preferences, develop and steward work goals, enroll in training courses and assess their readiness for jobs of interest. Nearly 70,000 ExxonMobil employees around the world use CareerConnect, and applicants in more than 30 countries work through the platform as part of the recruitment and orientation processes. 


ExxonMobil’s Houston campus reaches sustainability milestone

ExxonMobil achieved Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification across all our buildings at the Houston, Texas campus in 2017. The LEED standard is the foremost program for the design, construction and operation of sustainable buildings. Certification as LEED Gold affirms the campus design has implemented practical and measurable strategies and solutions aimed at achieving high performance in sustainable site development, water and energy efficiency, and indoor environmental quality. 

The campus design is based on extensive research into best practices in workplace health and wellness. For example, the campus is designed with an open floor plan that optimizes the use of natural light, which creates a collaborative work environment and can lead to improved productivity, engagement and innovation over the long term.

Employee training and development

Through a combination of work assignments, on-the-job experience and focused training and education, our employees can learn the necessary skills to take on increasing responsibility in the company.

Employees participate in an annual performance assessment and development process, during which they engage in a discussion with their supervisors about work accomplishments, learning objectives, development opportunities and career interests. This process helps provide the basis for continual growth and performance improvement.

Performance and initiatives

ExxonMobil places a high priority on employee development as a catalyst to drive business results. Our major business units spent $94 million on training employees during 2017. Of that, we directed 78 percent toward professional and technical training. In 2017, more than 4,500 employees at various levels of the company participated in ExxonMobil’s leadership development training programs, of which 34 percent were women and 54 percent were employees from outside the United States. Learn more about training expenditures and the number of employees trained.

Our leadership programs leverage university partners like Columbia University, Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University and the University of North Carolina. These programs provide distinctive curricula shaped to accelerate the development of leadership capability, help our leaders sustain the excellence that achieves our premier business results and prepare current and future leaders for the challenges and opportunities inherent in every level of management.

ExxonMobil employees and executives support the professional development of their team members. Each year, the Society of Women Engineers hosts an awards program that recognizes leaders who are supporting the empowerment of women in the engineering community. In 2017, ExxonMobil Senior Vice President Mark W. Albers received the Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Award, which celebrates a significant contribution to the advancement of female engineers.

Photo — ExxonMobil Senior Vice President Mark W. Albers received the Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Award in 2017.

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