Interactive world LNG map

Access this comprehensive source of LNG related facilities and project data.


Visualizing energy data

The Interactive World LNG Map & Dashboard is a comprehensive source of LNG related facilities and project data. The web-based platform allows individuals to access the latest project data (including facility status and ownership details), detailed pipeline information, vessel/shipping information, and more.

The dashboard serves as a single reference source for all LNG projects across the globe. The platform allows users to interrogate project information, view gasfields and pipelines in our global interactive map, additionally analyse a wide range of data on the LNG industry in a series of interactive graphics.

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The ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute) -based platform is updated in real-time by a dedicated support team, thereby ensuring that the latest LNG data—regardless of project location or status - is readily available.

Access to the Interactive World LNG Map & Dashboard is free with a subscription to the ExxonMobil LNG newsletter. Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button on the right to subscribe to the newsletter. Once you have submitted your subscription, you will receive an email containing a link to access the platform.


Dashboard features

Track over 300 LNG projects
120+ LNG liquefaction and 190+ LNG regasification projects are mapped globally

It’s Live!
Using a network of LNG specialists, the map is constantly updated

Comprehensive data included
Delve into project specific data including location, operator, shareholder, capacity, process method, storage and contact details

Gas infrastructure
Put LNG facilities into context of local gas pipelines and gasfields

LNG shipping information
Find a full list of vessels in operation and on order plus LNG trade time + distance graphics

Natural gas statistics
Create interactive graphs of global natural gas data

Download and distribute
Print or download maps to share with colleagues and clients

Intuitive digital mapping application
Visualise the LNG industry with this easy to use online map application

From 1964 to beyond
Explore existing projects plus those that are under construction, planned & proposed and speculative

Anywhere Anytime
The application runs on all tablets, desktops, laptops or phones  


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