Employees and customers



We are taking precautions to enable our employees to work safely. In addition to implementing restrictions on business travel, we have been carefully tracking our global workforce, with employees receiving site-specific guidance from local management.  In some locations where it is feasible, most of our employees are now working remotely.

For those employees whose work requires them to be at one of our facilities, we have put additional safety measures in place. Cleaning procedures have been enhanced to ensure frequently touched surfaces are regularly disinfected, facility layouts and operating procedures have been adjusted to ensure social distancing, and the necessary supplies to maintain good personal hygiene are being provided.

We are also providing information to employees on how to protect themselves and their families in terms of good hygiene, social distancing, limiting travel and avoiding large gatherings. 

Further, to protect our employees, contractors and customers, we have implemented a 14-day work-from-home policy for individuals traveling from locations with sustained community transmission, as defined by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.