ExxonMobil volunteers organized laptop handovers to “The Gulf Stream” Foundation to support “The Mentors” program

New ExxonMobil corporate volunteer initiative has shown that even a little help could go a long way.


ExxonMobil volunteers organized laptop handovers to “The Gulf Stream” Foundation to support “The Mentors” program
Golfstream foundation
“The Gulf Stream” Foundation classroom

ExxonMobil regularly updates its computer hardware. As a result, laptops that could function for more than one year are written off and destroyed. This year, ExxonMobil volunteers jointly organized an action to handover over 30 written off laptops to “The Gulf Stream” Foundation to support “The Mentors” program.

“The Mentors” program brings together children with developmental disabilities and volunteers to help them master the desired professional knowledge and skills. They can be far from each other, so they need to be in touch. Children participating in the program aspire after knowledge, but their families often cannot afford to purchase the devices necessary for work and communication. This task was solved via handing over the laptops to the Foundation and thus helping children to establish a constant connection with their mentors. Today they have an opportunity to be in touch, regularly engage in and explore new horizons.

ExxonMobil volunteers visited the Foundation with pleasure, met its organizers and the children themselves; also they became spectators of the inclusive play “Alice's Dreams”, professionally performed by the children.

The importance of any help cannot be underestimated, especially when it comes from the heart. While working on the initiative to handover computers to “The Gulf Stream” Foundation, our team was united in the impulse to benefit children, understanding how much can be done having at hand not brand-new, but reliable computers. We sincerely believe that expanding horizons and overcoming obstacles, working together on a common cause we can achieve the best for our children, because all these children are our children too, and we are very glad we can help them.

ExxonMobil volunteer

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