ExxonMobil supported publication of Willie Pieterson’s book Strategic Learning in Russian

ExxonMobil supported the project to publish Willie Pieterson’s book Strategic Learning: How to Be Smarter than Your Competition and Turn Key Insights into Competitive Advantage in Russian. 


ExxonMobil supported publication of Willie Pieterson’s book Strategic Learning in Russian

A winning strategy is a strategy that helps companies stay afloat and succeed in the ever-changing environment. Willie Pieterson’s book, now available to Russian readers, is about building such strategy. ExxonMobil has sponsored publication of this book in Russian under the joint project with Alpina Publisher, a Russian publishing house.

The author is a Columbia University professor, a successful businessman, advisor and media personality. Willie Pieterson has been also active in training top managers as well as an independent advisor helping develop business strategies to multiple international companies including ExxonMobil. 

In this book you will be able to find answers to such questions as “What is a winning strategy?”, “How to assess realities of the external environment and those inside your organization?”, “How to mobilize organization around the developed strategy?” and, finally, “How to be an effective leader in crisis situations?” The answers are of key importance for building long-term plans for organization’s sustainable development in the competitive, turbulent environment.
Glenn Waller

President, ExxonMobil Russia Inc.

His interests focus on building strategies and leadership in the ever-changing conditions. His deep insights underlying the key ideas of the book are presented against the practical background. The Strategic Learning describes the cutting-edge techniques and methods of retaining competitive advantage in the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment. The author presents a unique signature approach for building the process of strategic development of companies via continuous study, adaptation and learning to ensure the companies’ progress in advance of competitors.

The author presents a viable practical model “from conclusion to execution” that helps translating the acquired knowledge about customers, competitors and the market situation into definitive steps, using practical examples to highlight the effectiveness of the process.    

The book also discusses the issues related to introduction of the strategies into all levels of the organization, as well as the personal qualities of a successful leader able to steer the company through the period of crises and disruptions. 

Willie Pieterson suggests contemplating vital issues by looking at the big picture from above simultaneously with an in-depth analysis of the context. The book presents strategy building from a new angle, as a dynamic, ongoing process to effectively manage the organization. 

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