ExxonMobil to donate reusable personal protective equipment to frontline doctors of Moscow

For supporting the healthcare system of Moscow ExxonMobil purchased sets of reusable personal protective equipment for some Moscow hospitals where medical workers treat COVID-19 patients on a daily basis.


ExxonMobil to donate reusable personal protective equipment to frontline doctors of Moscow

Moscow is an epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in Russia. It is most affected by the consequences of the rapid spread of the virus. And while the majority of local population was self-isolated at home, medical workers remained at the COVID frontline. 

They risk their lives every day for the sake of others. Reliable personal protective equipment (PPE) is obviously vital for those who constantly face the highly contagious virus throughout the working day. This is the time when PPE is so much needed at hospitals where medics are working in the “red zone”. 

ExxonMobil Russia Inc. has carried out a charity project to purchase 1,250 sets of reusable personal protective equipment for several Moscow hospitals fighting COVID-19, worth in total over 6,000,000 rubles (US $83,000).

This picture was taken in MHD Infectious Diseases Hospital №1

The following sets of reusable PPE were acquired for complex protection of medical workers: 

  • Antivir KT hooded coveralls with Group 2 protection (including COVID-19).
  • Reusable knee-high shoe covers, also made of membrane fabric.
  • FFP3 respirators with bigger filter capacity.
  • Indirect vented safety goggles.

The PPE set ensures maximum skin, eye and respiratory protection of medics against the dangerous virus by almost completely isolating the human body from the harmful external hazards.

These clothes are intended for the medics in direct contact with COVID-19 patients when the ultimate tightness and insulation are vital. The PPE set protects against dust, dirt and other aggravators, and all of its parts can be reused.

Feedback for the project

"Any help matters in these hard times. We are happy that business companies are concerned about the current healthcare situation, and their proactive support is a perfect proof of that."

Semenov D., Director of Vladimirsky Moscow Regional Research and Development Clinical Institute
Smetanina S., Chief physician of MHD Infectious Diseases Hospital №1
Vechorko V., Chief physician of MHD Filatov City Hospital №15
Skoda A., Chief physician of the MHD Vorokhobov City Hospital №67

This picture was taken in MHD Filatov City Hospital №15

Several Moscow hospitals at once working with COVID-19 patients and short of PPE responded to the offer of reusable PPE sets. Consequently, PPE sets were delivered to five Moscow hospitals controlled by the Moscow Healthcare Department (MHD):

  • MHD Infectious Diseases Hospital №1
  • MHD Vorokhobov City Hospital № 67
  • MHD City Hospital № 24,
  • MHD Filatov City Hospital №15
  • Vladimirsky Moscow Regional Research and Development Clinical Institute, and
  • Regional Hospital of Odintsovo. 

Since mid-spring, we worked closely with experts to choose and find the most suitable PPE items badly needed by healthcare workers, and in summer, hospitals began receiving the first PPE deliveries. 

“No doubt, the efforts of doctors, nurses and all healthcare personnel working at the front line are priceless. And we hope that our contribution to fighting the pandemic in Russia will help overcome the peak by giving extra protection to the medical workers who bravely risk their lives and work hard to help others”, Glen Waller, President of ExxonMobil Russia comments the charity project.

I would like to say that the ExxonMobil help is very important for ensuring the safety of medics at this hard pandemic time.
Grygoriy Rodoman

Chief Physician, MHD City Hospital № 24

This project was supported by the National Women’s Health Foundation, a Russian nonprofit organization that has been developing social programs for cancer screening and comprehensive rehabilitation of female cancer patients in Russian regions since 2011. ExxonMobil Russia has been the Foundation’s partner since 2013 and supported healthcare development programs in Russia. More information on the joint projects of ExxonMobil and the Foundation in the Arkhangelsk Region, the Murmansk Region and the Krasnodar Krai, is available from the “2015-2018 ExxonMobil Russia Inc. Corporate Social Projects Report."


About ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil is one of the world’s largest open joint stock oil and gas companies, which uses technological advancements and innovations to meet the growing demand of the global energy market. For more details, visit www.exxonmobil.com. For more details on the company’s operations in Russia, visit exxonmobil.ru, mobil.ru and sakhalin-1.com.

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