The 600th milestone Mobil 1 Center℠ opened in Krasnoyarsk   

Mobil 1 Centers constitute a global program for service stations offering the change of motor oil. The network of Mobil 1 Centers was launched in Russia in 2011 and since that time it is flourishing, including hundreds of stations in Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. 


The 600th milestone Mobil 1 Center℠ opened in Krasnoyarsk   
Joerg Weller, Director General of Mobil Oil Lubricants LLC Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Georgia Cluster Manager, and and Director of Mobil 1 “Sakura Motors” Center Anatoly Tartakovskiy at the 600th Mobil 1 Center opening ceremony in Krasnoyarsk

Mobil 1 Centers in Russia make part of the global program of service stations offering the change of motor oil available in all the regions. 

100 new participants joined the network last year and this February saw the opening of the 600th Mobil 1 milestone center "Sakura Motors" in Krasnoyarsk.

Representatives of Mobil and Sakura Oil LLC, an official distributor of Mobil™ in Siberia, participated in the event arranged on the occasion of the opening of the milestone center.

Mobil 1 Center service stations use only authentic Mobil products, while technical maintenance of motor vehicles is provided by highly qualified staff following the unified international quality standards. Such comprehensive approach is aimed at creating conditions allowing drivers to get the guaranteed high quality of services.

These special features helped the network of Mobil 1 Centers become one of the largest and fast-growing networks holding leading positions among car service stations in Russia which offer, apart from the change of the motor oil, a free 10*-point car diagnostics (learn more).
Success of the Mobil 1 Center network is only one of the examples of cooperation with ExxonMobil. Our company is connected with Russia for more than two decades already. We render assistance in addressing large-scale infrastructure issues, being a supplier of state-of-the-art gas and chemical technologies. Certainly, we are justifiably proud of the fact that Mobil lubricants are known and appreciated by motor vehicle owners in all the regions of Russia, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.
Joerg Weller
Joerg Weller

Director General of Mobil Oil Lubricants LLC Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Georgia Cluster Manager

Mobil oils are offered in different categories, while ExxonMobil specialists keep improving the quality of products and expanding their range in order to provide the most suitable products to both car owners and representatives of the automobile business and industry. 

Furthermore, Mobil also regularly checks the efficiency of the use of lubricants. Thus, in 2019, five-year massive testing of the Mobil 1 TM synthetic motor oil in engines of Moscow taxis was completed. During the testing, the mileage of cars was recorded on a weekly basis, with samplings of the used motor oil made every 5,000 km. The samples were sent to the MobilServSM laboratory (Pernis, the Netherlands) for the analysis. The results of the tests clearly demonstrated all the advantages of various oil lines delivering, in particular, excellent overall performance for 200,000 km, with up to 20,000 km between oil changes.

Stefan Pavlovich
B2C Installed Offer Advisor

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