ExxonMobil lent its assistance in the implementation of the program aimed at supporting families with children suffering from the Down's syndrome

ExxonMobil pays great attention to implementing charitable health and welfare support programs. In 2019, the company supported the implementation of the "Psychological Support of Families with Children Suffering from Down's Syndrome" program arranged by the Syndrome of Love Charitable Foundation.


ExxonMobil lent its assistance in the implementation of the program aimed at supporting families with children suffering from the Down's syndrome

The cooperation of ExxonMobil with Syndrome of Love Foundation (earlier DownsideUp) started almost 9 years ago. Since that time, a lot of formative programs have been implemented to create opportunities for development and self-fulfillment of children suffering from the Down's syndrome and members of their families and for social engagement and active involvement of such families in public life. Such programs are generally focused, to a large extent, on the psychological and information support for children and their parents with a view to facilitating the comprehensive development of children and building harmonic relations in the families. In 2019, the charitable program traditionally featured the creation of a favorable microclimate in families where children with Down's syndrome were born. 

It is not a secret that such children need extra support to keep up with their peers. So do their parents who often lack knowledge, understanding, and special pedagogic skills to bring up their special kids and ensure proper interaction with them. Syndrome of Love Foundation has developed an extensive program addressing such problems and made certain tools available to parents and children from various regions.

Information support arranged by the foundation in the form of free distribution of materials and publications is of special importance for the parents who, for various reasons, cannot come to the foundation in person to get knowledgeable assistance.

Psychological support of families included both individual family as well as group consultations. Joint sessions are of utmost relevance for parents isolated from others in the part related to the specifics of the development of their kids and building of interaction with them, children integration into society, and other unique issues. Such social engagement is also important for kids. "Sandboxes" being special groups for the child-parent interaction in families with children aged 5 months to three years, were intended for such purpose, among other things. Children get through a process of step-by-step socialization in a friendly environment of understanding and solidarity while their parents may discuss their most burning problems and experience of overcoming them with each other and the psychologist.

Psychological support sessions are also very important for building strategies for self-fulfillment and professional development of the younger generation. Both education and professional training and employment of people with special needs have their specific aspects. Therefore, it is so important to get knowledgeable assistance of specialists in shaping a development strategy of an individual young person. 

Accessible qualified assistance for everyone, including children with special needs, in particular, in the field of education, is one of the priorities in the corporate policy of ExxonMobil in all the regions of its presence. Many positive comments received by the Foundation from participants of its charitable programs serve as good evidence that the implemented programs are much needed, that they are fruitful and ensure the creation of a favorable psychological environment in many families of the country.

We feared for the future of Asya. She is about to graduate from school and she may get stuck within four walls, again. Her further development was only what we could dream about. Now we have hope. Vocational guidance classes, which Asya attends, allow her not hitting the buffers but keeping to develop as a young adult female and that is a new role for her.
Mother of 18-year-old Asya

Participant of the program

Furthermore, the Foundation arranges fascinating charitable sport events in which ExxonMobil volunteers are always happy to participate. See the photo report on one of such events in this article.

For more information about ExxonMobil’s corporate social responsibility programs in Russia, please, refer to the Report on Corporate Social Projects Implemented by ExxonMobil Russia Inc. in 2015 to 2018, the Annual Social Program Report for 2018 and the Annual Social Program Report for 2018 prepared by Exxon Neftegaz Limited, an operator of the Sakhalin-1 project.

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