ExxonMobil announces new products for Russia's mining industry

ExxonMobil is launching production of new premium products in Russia: Mobil Delvac™ motor oil, Mining 15W-40, and Mobil Hydraulic HVI Ultra series oil tailored for the needs of Russia’s mining equipment.


ExxonMobil announces new products for Russia's mining industry

Equipment used in the mining industry operates in extreme conditions, which requires the use of heavy-duty lube oil.

The feedback from major players in the mining industry collected by ExxonMobil indicated interest in cost-effective high-performance lubricants on the part of multiple companies in a significant segment of the Russian mining industry. In response to that need, ExxonMobil decided to start local production of a number of new products for the mining sector in Russia.

New motor and hydraulic oils were specially developed to meet the specifications of the mining equipment commonly used in Russia. The new products will help mining industry consumers to lower the ultimate cost of equipment ownership and improve its performance effectiveness. The use of the new products should improve safety of equipment operators on account of reduced contact time with operating equipment and smaller environmental footprint on account of longer re-lubrication intervals and smaller volumes of used oil.

Mobil Delvac™ Mining 15W-40 is a motor oil specially developed for the use in diesel engines with loads typical of the mining industry, and featuring high thermal and oxidation stability, excellent detergence and dispersion properties. The product reduces sedimentation and oil thickening rate, improves engine cleanliness, and prolongs service life of engine components. The oil is recommended for use in dump trucks, excavators, bulldozers, off-road vehicles, diesel generators, and other equipment used in the mining and other industries.         

The Mobil Hydraulic HVI Ultra series represents high-performance anti-wear hydraulic oils engineered for wide range of temperature applications. The oils provide good protection of vane pumps, piston, and gear pumps from wear and tear; exhibit optimum flow characteristics at sub-zero temperatures and are resistant to shearing and viscosity loss; they also save the cost of used product disposal.  

The Mobil Delvac™ Mining 15W-40 motor oil and Mobil Hydraulic HVI Ultra series are delivered in bulk and in 208-liter barrels.

For more information on Mobil oils for the mining sector visit the Mobil site, or contact  commercial department.

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