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Thursday 17 Sept. 2015  

On August 22-23, volunteers from ExxonMobil took part in the 20th-anniversary annual charitable bike ride entitled SPORTS FOR GOOD in support of children with Down syndrome

On August 22-23, volunteers from ExxonMobil took part in the 20th-anniversary annual charitable bike ride entitled SPORTS FOR GOOD in support of children with Down syndrome.

On August 22-23, the 20th annual charitable bike ride SPORTS FOR GOOD took place in support of children with Down syndrome. Over two days, its participants covered more than 140 kilometers. The event was organized by the Russian charitable foundation Downside Up.

The 20th annual bike ride started in the Kaluga region with the motto “РаcСТОяние доСТОйное наСТОйчивых,” meaning literally “a distance (100 km) worthy of the persistent.” In one day, all the participants covered more than 100 kilometers and performed certain special tasks during technical stops. Along with the representatives of corporate teams, the ride was also made by parents of children with Down syndrome. The team of ExxonMobil volunteers was joined by Dmitry Perepichko, who is raising a special little boy. In addition, participants included young people with Down syndrome, many of whom have won sports competitions for people with disabilities. Their example has clearly demonstrated that their disabilities do not limit them, and that a person can overcome any obstacles if they have a desire and commitment to succeed. The bike race ended at the Exhibition Center, where the corporate teams were joined by everyone interested in supporting this charitable event.

The main objective of every sporting event organized by the Downside Up foundation is to raise funds for the development of programs for children with Down syndrome and to draw public attention to people with disabilities.

For more than seven years, ExxonMobil has been giving charitable support to the Downside Up foundation and those under its care through participation by the company employees and their families in the charitable sporting events organized by the foundation. Moreover, ExxonMobil volunteers help the Downside Up foundation with the cleaning and maintenance of its property as part of the Day of Caring corporate volunteer initiative several times a year.

For the second year in a row, ExxonMobil was an official partner of the SPORTS FOR GOOD charitable bike ride, and the ExxonMobil Russia Inc. cycling team won, for the second time, during the first stage of the competition for the best fundraising cycling team, having collected the most private donations, something the team has done since 2014!

We would like to thank the volunteers from ExxonMobil: 

  1. Mikhail Shiryaev, team captain
  2. Mikhail Vykulov
  3. Roman Maslov
  4. Tatyana Pestova
  5. Pavel Kharitonov
  6. Veronica Mankova
  7. Yury Ipatov
  8. Miroslava Fedorenko
  9. Nikita Umerenkov
  10. Anton Denisenko
  11. Andrei Petrov
  12. Ian Middleton
  13. Anna Shiryaeva
  14. Danila Shiryaev
  15. Natalia Kovshova
  16. Vladislav Kovshov
  17. Mikhail Lyatusevich
  18. Savely Lyatusevich
  19. Alyona Magomedova
  20. Mike Peacock
  21. Judy Peacock
  22. Alexander Stepanov 

It is important to note that ExxonMobil attaches great importance to its corporate volunteer work. In Russia, the company’s management supports the involvement of its employees in different volunteer initiatives aimed at assisting people in need.

We are very pleased that, as a result of our contributions and personal involvement, a growing number of families with children with Down syndrome are able to turn to the Downside Up foundation for the support they need.